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by Jamiel 20. September 2013 09:52

Call on Hold Music: 3 Types of Information People Are Interested In Finding While On Hold


Call on hold music? When was the last time you heard messages on hold? It probably wasn’t so long ago. Unlike music on hold, messages on hold are believed to be much more practical – and this is thought by both companies and consumers.

But have you ever wondered about the kind of information listeners are interested in while they are on hold? Here are 3 ideas which can help you write the copy of your message:

1.       People want to know what is happening

When the phone rings and nobody answers on the other side, people will want to know why. So write an introductory text and explain that your lines are currently busy. A great tip is to program the robot (if you can) to tell people what position they are in.

2.       People want to know what is taking so long

One thing people don’t have nowadays is patience. So let them know that you value each client immensely and this is why you are spending as much time as needed with them on the phone on hold. Remind those who are on hold that they too will appreciate when you will take your time to solve their problems, knowing that other people are waiting in line.

3.       People want to be given alternative solutions

It happens often that someone calls looking for a particular service, but they call at the wrong number. So while they are on hold you can tell them things such as:

-          “For service [x] please call …”

-          “If you came here looking for [x] please wait until someone will answer”

“Our working hours are […]. Please make sure you call within this timeframe”

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by Jamiel 13. September 2013 09:49

On Hold Players: How to Make the Most of Your Customers Using On Hold Messaging

Music On Hold Telephone: How do you make sure your customers are up to date with your latest business deals? Have you ever considered using music on hold for telephone?

If not, you are missing out big time. An informed customer is always a valuable win for every company. And you can use the time they spend on hold to your advantage.

Here are some ideas on how you can get the most out of your customers using on hold messaging:

1.       Tell them more about your business – does your company have any prizes or rewards? Does it take part in charity donations? Let your customers know about your achievements; it’s the one sure way to prove them you’re worthy of their attention.

2.       Let them know about your offers – unless they are calling the reclamations department, you should let your customers know about your offers while they are on hold (i.e. On Hold Players). After all, you are talking to someone who is directly interested in your business.

3.       Give explanations about your services – do you have an FAQ section on your website? Perhaps this is a good moment to guide people to that page.

4.       Tell them about your working hours – some clients might want to contact you during your closed hours. If so, tell them that you appreciate their interest in contacting you and then inform them about your working schedule.

Offer them alternative ways to contact you – calling is not the only way people can contact you (or at least it shouldn’t be). And some people do not have the physical time to wait on hold. So when they call make sure you offer them other ways to contact you: email, fax, or even live chat on your website.

Choosing The Music in Answering Machine Messages

by Jeremy 25. April 2012 12:14

Choosing The Music in Answering Machine Messages


Most of the phone messages from companies usually incorporate a music clip that will either play in the background of the message being read out or after it. The phone message essentially has the information that the company would like to pass on to the client; the music just creates the ambience for the message to reach the client. Without the background music, the messages would be very blunt and plain. The messages are very important to address clients as a marketing strategy, as a way to assure clients that they will be served and as a way to motivate the client to act. Therefore the answering machine messages should be made as appealing to the client as possible.


The choice of music on hold should be done with a lot of considerations of mind. This is to ensure that the music interact well enough with the message being relayed and is also enjoyable to the client. The music on hold can also strongly influence whether the client will hold on to the call or abandon it all together.


First of all it is important to avoid music with extreme notes, such as extremely high pitches. This is because these notes can be irritating to the client’s ears and this will make them hang up without a doubt. The pitch of the various instruments should be very moderate. If the music is played along with the answering machine messages in the back ground, deep bass notes should be avoided as they can muffle what the voice is reading out to the client.


The music on hold should also correspond to the type of product being introduced to the client, for instance if the company produces soothing bath soaps, then the music should be equally as soothing in order to attract the client to the product. Companies that deal with children’s toys should have lively and catchy music playing along with the recorded answering machine messages.


The music should be memorable, unique and quite enjoyable to a wide range of listeners. There is a wide selection of music clips that a company can choose from that have these effects. These music clips are usually created by jingle experts specifically for advertising and ambience music in the phone messages. Music is generally referred to as food for the soul; with good music, the company can get the clients to literally buy anything!


Music On Hold- Entertain Your Callers As They Wait

by Jeremy 25. April 2012 12:14

Music On Hold- Entertain Your Callers As They Wait


Answering calls can be hectic especially when there are multiple callers on the line. This is more so in a business where numerous calls are made to and from the company. The company representatives normally put the caller on hold as the queue progresses till an available agent is free or give caller option to leave a phone message. This is a common practice in large corporations which relies on customer care services to receive views of the customers and assist them with their queries. While in waiting the company puts music on hold recording for the caller.


When put on hold most customers opt to end the call and redial till they can access the customer care representative. In a household, the caller may leave answering machine messages for the owner or leave a phone message of how to be reached. The phone owner is then able to get back to the caller successfully.


Answering machine messages are normally applicable for households if the home owner is not available to pick your call. The companies are however different as they prioritize on the views of their customers thus the queuing of calls and the music on hold. The system of answering machine messages used by companies help the customers to get help for minor difficulties with a product with the help of a computer program. The program has organized options that are relayed to the client  to choose appropriately.


The phone messages are delivered to the inbox of the phone compared to the answering machine messages which are relayed to the recipient directly live voice data. This is more advantageous than the phone messages because the owner can access the answering machine messages. Depending on the type of business, the company may opt to have the answering machine messages option or putting the customers on hold.


The music played when a caller put on hold is acquired from different websites and the music ranges from different genres and themes. The music chosen depends on the desired effect the company wants from the customers. In most cases the queue can take a while so it should calm the caller as they patiently wait for their call to be taken. Some companies replay their audio advertisements to the customers and inform them of the different services they offer. Soft music is preferred as loud and unsettling music can irritate the customer.


Creation Of On Hold Messages for Companies

by Jeremy 25. April 2012 12:13

Creation Of On Hold Messages for Companies


On hold messages are usually recorded promotional and company introductory messages that are played to customers calling a company while waiting for a response from the customer care representative. These messages are usually very effective in addressing abandoned phone calls and maintaining customer interest in the products and services offered by the company. On hold messages have been very effective among the companies that have used these services. This is because most clients usually abandon calls if they are put on hold without any directive message or reassurance to stay on the line from the other end.


There is quite a process that goes into the creation of on hold messages. This is because on hold recording has to be done in a professional manner. Experts in consumer behavior know the kind of messages that will elicit consumer interest and action. And these talents are what are packed in a 30 second message which will keep the client coming back for more.


The first step to on hold recording will see the meeting of the production managers and the company administration. This will provide an opportunity for the company to express what they stand for, their products and services and any special information to be added to the message. The information given by the company administration will be the basis for the script in the on hold recording.


The next step will be the creation of the script by expert script writers. The script written for the on hold recording has to be very precise and have only useful messages. The script should also be simply worded. Keeping it simply and catchy is important since you don’t want to stress the client with a lot of technical jargon. The script will be reviewed by the contracting company in question before recording begins.


Finally, production will begin in the on hold process. The voice messages are usually recorded by voice experts who will read out the script in clear pronunciation and in catchy intonations. Individuals who are involved in this career usually undergo voice training to be able to create catchy messages; the company can also be allowed to choose from samples of voice talents. The company will then receive the recording after editing and addition of any accompanying music to the recording. The company will then plug in the message for clients on hold to listen to, which completes this process.


Facts About On Hold Messages

by Jeremy 25. April 2012 12:12

Facts About On Hold Messages


On hold messages generally refer to those messages that are usually recorded by companies and corporations for customers who have been put on hold. These messages usually have details about the company services and products that customers can listen to and be informed about. The on hold messages are recorded professionally to ensure that a lot of useful and catchy information is packed in thirty seconds of record time. The messages have to be attractive enough to keep the client or customer interested.


One fact about on hold messages is that the company has to employ the talent of expert script writers and voice professionals. Not just any old recorded message can have the desired effect on a client. Script writers who have experience in understanding what clients and customers relate to should be hired for the job. The script should be strategically designed to be effective in its use.


Companies spend a lot of finances in advertising to get clients to call their phones. Everywhere you look, be it on the billboards, newspaper and internet adverts usually have a telephone number. However the mistake that most companies make is spending so little in ensuring that customers who finally call their numbers are kept interested in the products and services. On hold recording is specifically designed to ensure that the clients who end up calling are kept interested enough not to abandon the call or to keep calling in future instances.  On hold recording is also a very important aspect of advertising that companies should appreciate.


No one likes being put on hold, though it is quite a necessary evil. Most clients will hang up if there is nothing interesting to listen to while they wait. Once a client hangs up, the company can count that as a lost sale since the client would have potentially sought after some of the company products and services. On hold recording will significantly reduce the number of abandoned calls from company phones.


Finally, companies should realize that up to 88% of callers would prefer listening to on hold recording than any other alternative. In order to maintain business, it is important to give the client what they want. If these messages and recordings do the trick then by all means invest in creating messages that will keep your clients coming back for more. Making investments that will positively impact on your business will bring great returns in profits and market domination.


Advantages Of On Hold Messages

by Jeremy 25. April 2012 12:09

On hold messages are the types of messages that usually play when you are waiting for a call to be picked or while the customer services representative is handling a client’s query. Sometimes these messages are usually jingles or tunes playing or company promotion messages. It is very important to ensure that the massage is catchy and appealing to the client to ensure that they stay on the line. Annoying jingles and musical tunes have been known to drive the client to hang up before the call is picked or their issue is addressed.



These on hold messages are usually recorded by voice professionals and written by expert script writers to ensure that the message is short, precise, effective and attractive enough to keep the customer on the line. With such effective on hold messages, the company can enjoy quite a number of benefits.

On hold recording usually creates a great first impression of the company and portrays a positive company image. The messages reassure the client that their interest is valued and the company aims to provide the best services to them. Without this reassurance, most clients will not have that unique bond between them and the company. Maintaining customer interest is more difficult than most people assume. A good product has to be accompanied with messages of encouragement to continue buying and using. On hold recording will enable the company to create a great impression that will keep the customer coming back.


While the client is on hold, the company can also cross promote the products and services that they have. In the expertly written script, the company can include some of the products that they have to offer that the client can benefit from. Rather than playing musical tunes, the company can take advantage of this time to introduce the client to some of the new products that they have to offer in the on hold recording.


If the company has any promotions, sales and discounts, they can also use on hold recording to inform their clients of them while they are on hold. These messages double up as advertisement strategies as well as ways to maintain client and customer interest. This is why there is a lot of emphasis on the quality of the messages recorded for the clients to listen to. With a good quality message, the company can greatly reduce on the number of abandoned calls and maintain customer interest for follow up services.


A hold message is really what you listen to if you call a company

by Jeremy 17. April 2012 09:29

A hold message is really what you listen to if you call a company, specifically while waiting for an available customer support agent to pick your call. You may also focus on a hold message. A hold message is really what you listen to if you call a company, specially while waiting for an available customer care representative to pick your call. You can even listen to a hold message while your questions are being taken care of by the customer care agents. You will find a few companies and organizations that do not have a hold message, in these types of instances, consumers are generally subjected to cliche ambiance or traditional music. Without an appealing and engaging hold message, the likelihood of the customer disconnecting the phone call are extremely high. This is why companies are motivated to ensure all their telephone client respondent systems have sufficient messages which can keep the client on line and even generate an impact of the company to the customer while they wait.


The most significant aspect of a hold message is the organization information. From the message on hold, a consumer is supposed to obtain a brief intro of the company image. This is the reason it is vital for correct company information to be summarized into the hold messages. This absolutely should be done in an attractive and engaging approach to the client. Through the company information, the client will become familiar with what the company is about, the services as well as goods which they offer and any other specific information that the company want to relay to the clients.


The whole thing with regards to a company cannot conveniently fit into those precise messages on hold without specialist input. These messages are certainly not simply summarized by amateurs. It will take the input of an on-going innovative consultation by specialist script writers to build a highly effective message on hold. These types of specialists will summarize the data gotten regarding the company into a shortened script with as much details that the clients will listen to. The writers are also expected to make sure that they do not bombard the client with needless information.


As soon as the scripts for the messages on hold are written, it will be now up to the voice talent specialists to ensure that the messages are changed to engaging audio captions. The voice experts undergo training on the different types of intonations and voice pronunciation to utilize in capturing the clients' attention. The voice message on hold may also be accompanied by licensed music selected by the company or the marketing team. As soon as the whole message is complete, it may be installed into the response systems of the company phones.


Precisely How American On Hold Make Its On Hold Messages

by Jeremy 17. April 2012 09:27

American on hold messages commences with an interview between an advertising expert and a firm representative. The business representative would give a general information of what the business does or sells. American on hold is an advertising business that gives different business advertising methods specifically in terms of telephone response services. Almost all patron company communication is facilitated by means of means of telephone conversation. In virtually all firm advertisements and company print outs, a telephone number is definitely provided for contact or further data. With all this endeavour geared at getting the customer to call the firm through telephone, there must be proper actions towards making sure as soon as they actually call, the answering machine messages help keep then on the line.


The process of making the American on hold messages ends up with an interview between an advertising specialist and a business representative. The firm representative will offer a general explanation of what the company is about, a small amount of its historical past, its vision and point out some of the services and products supplied by the company. This information that can offered by the firm is what will lay the ground work for the details that will go into the answering machine messages.


The details will then be passed on the professional American on hold script writers who can transform this data into a concise script that should go into the answering machine messages. The script shall be sent to the company soliciting the services to verify if there are any shifts or preferences in the written form of the script. When the written script is validated, it will be handed over to the specialist voice talent for recording as well as production.


There is certainly many different American on hold voice specialists to pick from the call on hold messages. These voice experts have been through training in voice marketing and promotional captions and have the required expertise to make sure that the patrons are satisfied with what they hear. The business can either choose from a list of optional voice specialists by listening to samples or leave it to the promotional business to decide which voice to use for the messages. The voice specialists will record an oral version of the written script.


In the course of the production of the recorder script, several music could be added to the call on hold response. The music is generally licensed and the customer also has a choice of choosing what sort of music to use. After all this is conducted, the final CD that holds the messages is going to be delivered to the company with directions on how to install into the telephone system.


Aid Your Firm With American On Hold Advertising Services

by Jeremy 17. April 2012 09:25

Answering machine messages make a critical perception of the firm to the client. A large percentage of first encounters among firms and clients are via telephone protocols that could lead to physical meetings


American on hold has supplied several businesses with solutions for modification and also proper marketing bringing about more advantageous company relation, enhancing business icon and strengthening products and services provided by the company. The services involve input from best script writers, skilled voice specialists as well as other advertising specialists. Answering machine messages make a critical impression of the company to the buyer. A good number of first encounters among businesses and customers are by means of telephone protocols which could end up in physical meetings or losing the customers. Exactly what the clientele are subjected to over the telephone is essential to retain a warm relationship between the business and the customer.


Company earnings may notably increase from the American on hold messages as they simply affect the personal choice of customers in terms of making purchases. Utilizing the messages, the business could market all the services and products available, market website and other specific features along with advertise new product lines. The voice messages will certainly aim to bring customers to the light as to what the company can give them in a concise and focused way.


Through the answering machine messages, the firm image may also be boosted. Through the messages, customers will be able to realize the firm mission statement, objectives and visions as well as views in service delivery. Likelihood of a client call on hold being disconnected is incredibly high when the buyer is subjected to boring and cliche musical tones. Nevertheless, shoppers are more inclined to hold the call if they impose something substantial and engaging to listen to even while waiting for a reply from the other end of the line. The American on hold messages can also motivate the customers to take action in what they hear; some will even do it simply to put the company to task on the things they hear over the voice messages. Overall it is still constructive input.


The ultimate function of the American on hold services for client call on hold is to ensure the clients that their queries and issues will be handled. The answering machine messages can give a lot of information to the individual though it is very important to thank the individual for their patience and ensure them that they will be served before long. Such cordial messages will motivate the client to feel catered for and consequently continue to solicit a wider variety of services and also products from the company that replies to the clients' concerns.


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