Why On-Hold Messages?

There's no monthly or yearly fee, or any contracts to get locked into. We write 8-10 customized messages and produce everything for you. It's just a simple one-time investment of only $399 and you own it outright. All you would need on your end is a little boom box CD player. We also offer the digital units if you'd like one of those.

Why do so many companies use Telephone On-Hold Messages?

In addition to a great first impression, using an On-Hold Marketing System is an easy, inexpensive, innovative way to promote your business, improve customer relations and increase sales. What does your business currently offer your customers and prospects when you put them on hold? The "silent treatment?" Just music? A radio station that has nothing to do with your business and is likely to play your competitors' commercials?

Cross promote ALL the products and services you have to offer.

  • Enhance your company's image.
  • Promote your website and any special features.
  • Motivate your customers to act.
  • Promote new product lines.
  • Talk about your specialties and strengths.
  • Relate your mission statement and level of experience of your employees.
  • Thank your callers for holding and assure them that someone will be with them soon.
  • 94% of all advertising budgets are allocated toward making the phone ring, but only 6% is spent handling the client once the call comes in. (Sales & Marketing Management)
  • A large percentage of callers hang up after being placed on hold. Having a message "on-hold" system reduces call abandonment by almost 90% and increases their hold time by over 500% (Better Business Marketing)
  • 88% of callers preferred on hold messages to other options. 16-20% of the callers made a purchase based on an offer they heard on hold (Maxi Marketing)


Additional details outlining our approach to helping businesses like yours grow their sales in the 'post yellow pages era' are below:

- Promoting services with your current clients

- Driving website visitors to your call to action

- Bringing new leads and business to your company

- Increasing your rank on Google and traffic to your website

- Bring in more prospects and sales by engaging with them on your website.

About the author

American Creative has been in business for over 13 years helping small businesses do more business.  Through various marketing products and services, we help you 'get found' by new prospects, and help cross-promote and up-sell current clients.  Methods include custom on-hold messages, SEO (getting you to the first page of Google), web design and web videos.

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