Investing in Precious Metals is Secure

A primary feature of the American Precious Metals LLC Account lies in the security it provides. When your purchase is financed or all cash for storage, all of the goods you ordered will be stored on your behalf at an independent bank or depository or you can take personal delivery at any time. You will receive title to precious metal delivered to the depository, giving you actual ownership. The books and records of the clearing firm will identify you as the owner until your metal is sold or you take personal delivery. The metal held for you is not an asset of American Precious Metals LLC, the bank or depository, and
as such, the security of your metal does not depend on their individual or collective financial condition.

Invest in Precious Metals such as Gold, Silver and Platinum
with American Precious Metals LLC:

  • Your financed or stored metal is delivered to an independent bank or depository at which time you receive legal title.
  • The amount of metal held by the bank or depository remains in your name until it is sold or you take personal delivery.
  • You can easily transact business - simply call and direct your Account Representative to buy or sell and receive an immediate confirmation.
  • You will receive a written confirmation shortly following every buy or sell transaction.
  • You will have access to a customary 11-hour trading day, making it convenient to transact business and discuss the market.
  • You will receive prompt, personal delivery any time and anywhere you want by simply paying off the balance of your loan. You can also pay off your loan at any time and leave the product in storage.
  • This gives you the added safety of full insurance on the daily value and the convenience of instant liquidity by just calling your Account Representative. You can choose to liquidate all or a portion of your investment at any time.
  • Your American Precious Metals LLC. account offers convenience, flexibility, and professional Account Representatives to aid both experienced and inexperienced investors alike to fulfill their precious metals needs.

American Precious Metals LLC leveraged metals program is a speculative investment.  As with any investment, please read all information, and consider all of the risks involved before proceeding.  This investment program my not be suitable for everyone.

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