Virtual Web Presenter for Custom Corporate Video and Website Video

Video Web Presenter

American Creative is proud to offer The Virtual Web Presenter! Through web video, you now have the opportunity to speak directly with your clients and prospects when they visit your website.

What You Can Achieve With A Video Web Presenter:

  • Perfect message delivery 24x7x365.
  • Differentiate your website from your competitors.
  • Increase success rate with your call to action by 43%.
  • increase in next clicks when mentioned in video.
  • 8% increase in sales when told to “buy now” in video.

Possible Applications:

  • Welcome your website visitors with a well-presented overview of your business, and direct them to specific areas of your site.
  • Answer common questions in a clear, easy to understand manner.
  • Remind your clients of benefits of your different products and services.
  • Have a real person pointing to your website menu options, guiding the web visitor where YOU want them.
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