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fb-icon-for-webToday, it has become increasingly more challenging to reach potential new clients.  It is important to make sure your company can be found when your customers are searching, as well as reach them in places where they are already spending their time.

By advertising on Facebook, we can help you create targeted and relevant ads.

These are shown only to users most likely to be interested in what you offer, who have shown shopping behaviors revealing they may be in the market for a particular service or product, or who have already been to your website but may not have purchased.

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968 Million

968 million people log on to Facebook every day.

20+ minutes

The average user spends 20+ minutes on Facebook every day.

Your clients are on Facebook

Sample Facebook Ads

Designed to be Successful

American Creative will design your ad to drive the most traffic to your website or landing page.  Our team will help filter and target a specific audience to see your ads.  This includes location, demographics and even known interests and behaviors of Facebook users.

When tied with retargeting (showing your ads to prospects who may have visited your website) and other options, we’ll ensure your Facebook campaign is a success.

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