Ensure your prospects remember you AFTER they leave your site

retargeting, remarketingToday, it has become increasingly more challenging to reach potential new clients.  It is important to make sure your company can be found when your customers are searching, as well as reach them in places where they are already spending their time.

With retargeting ads, your company branding and message with appear on websites all over the internet, including major news outlets, YouTube, blogs and other major traffic sites that your client is already visiting.

These are shown only to users who have already been to your website.. and the network only charges each time a user clicks, not per impression. So, your ads will likely display tens of thousands of times, making an impact your prospects, but only paying for a minimal amount of clicks.

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Designed to be Successful

American Creative will design your ads to drive the most traffic to your website or landing page.  Our team will help filter and target a specific audience to see your ads.  This may include location or those that visited specific website pages.

We’ll create 12 different ads, each covering one of the various display ad sizes used by Google, ensuring maximum exposure across the network.

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    70% Increase

    Website visitors targeted with remarketing are 70% more likely to convert upon returning to your site.

    2 million sites

    Google’s Display Network extends across over 2,000,000 websites worldwide

    90% of the Internet

    Google’s Display Network is viewed by 90% of all internet users worldwide

    Don’t let your prospecting end when they leave your website.