Sample Voicemail Recordings, Telephone Message Greetings, Phone Message Template and On Hold Phone Programs

Want to hear what your On Hold Program can sound like?

Below are small excerpts from on hold programs we’ve produced for other businesses for phone messages and hold mesages . Keep in mind, each program is custom produced. If you don’t see your industry listed, please call us – as we’d still love the opportunity to work with you. American Creative can be reached by phone at 888-226-7608, or via email by clicking here.

Appraisal Appraisers
Attorney Attorney
Aviation 1 Aviation
Aviation 2 Aviation
Auto Body Auto Body
Auto Dealer 1 Auto Dealer
Auto Dealer 2 Auto Repair
Auto Repair Auto Repair
Construction 1 Construction
Construction 2 Construction
Dentist Dentist
Doors Doors
Dry Cleaners Cleaners
Financial 1 Financial
Financial 2 Financial
Glass 1 Glass
Glass 2 Glass
Hotel Hotel
Insurance 1 Insurance
Insurance 2 Insurance
Marine 1 Marina
Marine 2 Marine
Marine 3 Marina
Medical 1 AllStar
Medical 2 Medical
Medical 3 Medical
Mortgage Mortgage
Motorcycles Motorcycle
Nursing Home NursingRehab
Pest Control Pest Control
Plumbing Plumbing
Printing Printing
Restaurant Pizza
Rehab Center NursingRehab
Restoration 1 Restoration
Restoration 2 Restoration
Screen Printing Printing
Salon Salon
Spa Spa
Windows Windows