Holiday On-Hold and Video Demos

On-Hold Holiday Programs & Video Greetings for your Website

Promote your business and wish your clients a joyous holiday season!

Hear a Holiday On-Hold Demo

Holiday Wishes Holiday Wraps


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  • Say Thanks

    Take the time to thank your customers for their continued business.

  • Mix it Up

    Offer a change of pace from your regular on-hold program.

  • Less Expensive

    Wish your clients Happy Holidays with an ‘on-hold greeting card’ – at only a fraction of the cost of mailing seasonal holiday cards!

  • Choose Your Greeting

    Choose to say ‘Happy Holidays’ or ‘Merry Christmas’.

  • Promote

    Keep it 100% holiday greetings or use the program to promote your products and services throughout the holiday season.

See a Holiday Web Video Demo!

Use video on your website to wish your customers the best for the holidays while thanking them for their business!

Choose from 4 different video options for your website, or ask about a custom video for your business.