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How to use on hold time effectively

The time a caller spends on hold can be used to great effect if you know how. American Creative is a digital marketing company that understands how to use on hold time effectively. They can help your company create effective on hold strategy in Boca Raton, Miami, Palm Beach, West Palm Beach.

There are some key ways in which a customer connects with your business. They can walk through the front door, visit your website or call you on the phone. When someone calls your office, they are probably already interested in doing business with you. On hold is a fact of life, whether a caller likes it or not. Most callers don’t like it, but it presents an opportunity. not. You can use on hold time to promote your latest product or offering. But you must do it in a way that is not dull, frustrating, irritating g or annoying. You can turn your on-hold time to your advantage. You just need some technical and creative help. The kind of help you can get from American Creative.

There are some important components to a successful on hold strategy. The first is to get keep the user informed about his or her call status. Example: We are transferring you to the first available consultant real soon. You also need to know the average on hold time. Is it seconds or minutes? You also need to get to the point. A caller can’t self-edit on-hold messages. You don’t want to bore, frustrate or annoy the caller. That will just result in call hang-up and lost business. It is important not to keep the caller holding longer than necessary. Whilst the caller is on hold, get to the point.

Example: “You want the best return on investment, so do we. We are going talk you now and tell you how “

Other on hold strategies include scheduled updates so your content is fresh and current. Keep your message topical. Introduce a good or novel idea. Mix things up – for example male and females voices, music at the right time, but not too much and not repetitive.




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