AC-MESSAGER-MP3 Digital Player

Loading your American Creative AC-MESSAGER-MP3 Digital Player:

ac-mp3-messagerYou should have been emailed an MP3 file of your On-Hold program. This file can be loaded directly on to your digital on-hold player’s USB stick, replacing whichever program is currently running automatically.

Please create a new folder on your PC’s desktop called On-Hold and save the program attached to the email in it to ensure the programs are always easily accessible. In most email software, you’ll be able to right-click the attachment and choose Save As, or Save Attachment.

The Messager MP3 has an on-board LED status indicator:
– When a Message Mate cartridge is inserted in the Messager MP3 the LED will turn SOLID BLUE.
– When a Message Mate cartridge is not present, does not have audio programmed onto it or is in programming mode then the LED will FLASH BLUE.

Please follow the steps below to load your player:

Step 1: Place the Messager MP3 with the pre-inserted Message Mate cartridge, next to a computer running a minimum of Windows XP Service Pack 1.

Step 2: (If Setting up for the 1st time): Connect the included RCA cable to the 8Ω or 600Ω output of the Messager MP3. Connect the other side of the RCA cable to a speaker or receiver for testing the audio. We have included an optional 1/8″ adapter for use on some inputs.

Step 3: Plug the included power pack into a standard wall outlet. Plug the other end into the connector marked 12VDC on the rear of the Messager MP3.

Step 4: Plug the included USB Cable into the back of the Messager MP3. Plug the other end into an available USB port on the computer. Windows should recognize the device. (If you need to remove any audio (such as your current program) simply select the audio file and hit delete on your keyboard.) If you no longer have this cable, you may be able to use your printer cable. The player uses a standard USB-A to USB-B cable which most printers use as well.

Step 5: Locate the .MP3 files you wish to add to the Message Mate cartridge. If the file was emailed, please save to your desktop or documents folder before transferring.

Step 6: Drag and drop the file(s) to the Message Mate cartridge (which is normally displayed in Windows as ‘Removable Disk’).

Step 7: Remove the USB cable from the Messager MP3; then reconnect to your phone system.

Step 8: Listen to the production to ensure it is of acceptable quality. It is best to call into your office from a landline and place the call on-hold to check volume and quality.

NOTE: The Messager MP3 will play audio in the order that it was placed on the Message Mate cartridge.
If the Message Mate cartridge needs to be reformatted use FAT, do not use FAT32.

If you have any questions, please call us at 954-989-0115 or email us.