AC-MESSAGER-USB Digital Player

Loading your American Creative AC-MESSAGER-USB Digital Player:

ac-usb-messagerYou should have been emailed an MP3 file of your On-Hold program. This file can be loaded directly on to your digital on-hold player’s USB stick, replacing whichever program is currently running automatically.

Please create a new folder on your PC’s desktop called “On-Hold” and save the program attached to the email in it to ensure the programs are always easily accessible. In most email software, you’ll be able to right-click the attachment and choose Save As, or Save Attachment.

Please follow the steps below to load your player:

Step 1: Remove the USB drive from your digital player. You do not need to disconnect power or any other cables.

Step 2: Insert the USB Stick into a computer running a minimum of Windows XP (or higher). The computer should load the USB stick and show in ‘My Computer’ as it would any extenral storage device. If prompted on how to open, choose the option for ‘Browse Files’. If not prompted, please go to ‘My Computer’ and double-click the newly mounted drive. It will likely contain the phrase ‘Removable Disk’.

Step 3: If you need to remove any audio (such as your current program) simply select the audio file and save to your local computer or hit delete on your keyboard to remove the file.  You may also create a new subfolder on the USB Drive to store any audio files you do NOT wish to play.  For example, you may wish to keep your Holiday Program in a subfolder titled ‘Inactive’ until December.  When you’re ready to play it, you would move your primary program into the ‘inactive’ folder, and then move your holiday out into the main folder.

Step 4: Locate the .MP3 files you wish to add to the USB Stick in your ‘On-Hold’ folder.

Step 5: Drag and drop the file(s) to the USB Stick (which is normally displayed in Windows as “Removable Disk”).

Step 6: Once completed, remove the USB stick from the computer and re-insert in your digital on-hold player.

Step 7: The light on the player should return to a solid blue, and audio should resume. To test for proper operation, press the red SPEAKER button. You will hear the audio that is being played. The speaker is connected directly to the output, so if you hear audio through the speaker, it’s coming out the output. The speaker is for monitoring purposes ONLY and is not an indication of audio quality. You should check the actual volume level by placing yourself ‘on-hold’ when calling in to your office. It’s best to try this from a landline, as cellphone quality may vary.

The player will play the files in alphabetical order by filename.
If the USB Stick needs to be reformatted use FAT, do not use FAT32.

If you have any questions, please call us at
954-989-0115 or email us.