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These days people use all kinds of devices to access the internet. If you want your website to function properly on these various devices you need responsive web design. Now you do want your website to be responsive, else you will lose a lot of visitors and potential customers. American Creative can help you with responsive web design. They are web design and digital marketing company and they understand the importance of responsive web design.

Responsive Web Design, Responsive Web Designer, Web Design PackagesThe use of mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones has exploded. People also use other devices such as game consoles, TVs and even wearables. These devices can connect to the internet and can display web content. Currently more people use mobile devices to surf the web than traditional PC’s and notebooks. Smart phones have smaller screens than traditional devices. They also have different screen resolutions.  Websites that display properly on big screens won’t necessarily display properly on small screens.

Much of the content on the internet is not optimized for mobile devices. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, it wont display correctly or function properly on such devices. That will result in a bad user experience. It gets worse. Search engines can quickly determine if your website is optimized or not. If it is not they won’t show your website on searches done on mobile devices. So bottom line, you want an optimized website. American Creative can help you with that.

A responsive website can detect the type of device and screen resolution that is being used. The website will then adjust and display properly on the device in question. This will only happen if you invested in responsive web design. You need a responsive website that can display correctly across a multitude of devices.

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