Responsive Website Design and Web Design and Development

These days people use different devices to connect to the internet.  Responsive website design will help ensure your web pages look good and function correctly across the devices. The devices include desktops, laptops, notebooks, tablets, smart phones and more. Now it is not practical or cost effective to have a website for each type of devices. In addition to different devices, there are also different browsers and they don’t all render pages exactly the same.

It is important form a business point of view that your web pages look good on any device and in any browser. The best way to achieve is through responsive website design. American Creative can help you with responsive web design and will ensure your web pages look good and function correctly on all devices and across different browsers.

If your website does not look good on specific device users will simply navigate away. That means you are losing potential customers and leaving money on the table.  Website developers use various tools and development products to make a website responsive. These include HTML, CSS, meta tags, properties, media queries and more. A good example of a meta tag used in responsive web design is the viewport element. There are many more. Responsive website design requires technical skills and an in-depth knowledge of development products such as HTML, CSS and scripting languages.

There are many types of content on a web page. These include text, images, forms, sliders, menus and more. All these content types need to look good and function properly on different devices. For example, a horizontal menu might work on a wide screen but won’t fly on a small or narrow screen.

If you want a proper responsive website, then you need look no further than American Creative.

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