Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, SEO and AdWords

Search engine optimization is an integral and critical part of website and internet marketing. In old days search engine optimization was crude business that involved keywords and keyword stuffing. Today that is no longer an option and will negatively impact your website ranking. Search engine optimization has evolved into a science and as such is best left to professionals.

Keywords and phrases still play an important role but the picture is much bigger. There are technical factors and there are marketing factors that all need to come to together. SEO involves research, analytics, web development and a high level of internet marketing skills.

Search engines such as Google use sophisticated algorithms and programs to decide which websites to rank for specific searches. Content is obviously important but technical factors such as how fast pages load, and how well they are constructed are also considered.  How well your pages display across different devise is also an important factor.

SEO is about getting your website pages to rank well for you content. Proper search engine optimization will help you pages rank well for certain keywords and phrases. The purpose is to drive targeted traffic to your website. Once that traffic arrives at your website needs to perform well. That means pages that load quickly, content that is relevant and useful to the visitor.  That way visitors have a positive experience and will engage with your website. Positive user experience is an important factor in search engine optimization.

American Creative can help you with search engine optimization and related web development that will drive targeted traffic to your website. When people search for products and services in your niche they will find your website. American Creative will also optimize your site for conversions which means more business and sales.

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