What Do We Share and Why Do We Follow?

Did you know that over 93% of global internet users are on social media? With billions of social media users around the world, small businesses have a responsibility to meet their potential clients where they are at–on social media!

Social media marketing is integral to internet marketing for small business and should be incorporated in your marketing strategy.

Let’s dig a little deeper by answering some of social media’s most mysterious questions: What do we share, and why do we follow?

  • What Do We Share?

Facebook Logo for Internet Marketing for Small BusinessWhile a common misperception is that businesses need to share content to stay in front of their followers, users say that sharing content is more about sharing practical information.

So, what does this mean for small businesses? Focus on quality of content rather than quantity of content. Users want practical information, not another cheaply made graphic that is clearly a thirst trap.

  • Why Do We Follow?

You may be surprised to learn that social media users do not follow businesses on social media because they want more content. Studies show that the most prominent reason why social media users follow pages and businesses is to keep in touch.

It is not about one way communication; it is about opening a door of two-way communication that eventually can lead to your company winning over business. So, it is time to stop treating social media like a subscription. Stop overloading your followers with useless content and start fostering more opportunities for direct communication.

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