Why Are City or Location Pages Vital for SEO?

Google Maps and other local search platforms utilize proximity to improve search rankings. If you live in the middle of nowhere then you don’t have to worry about any heavy competition on Google Maps.

But if the competition is hot, then proximity alone isn’t enough to put you at the top of Google Map searches. So how do you boost your location visibility organically for locations beyond your local area and/or compete with other local businesses? City pages!

Search Optimization, Search Marketing, Search Optimization CompaniesCity pages are key to search optimization. Some benefits of SEO city pages include:

  • Increased ranking
  • Cost-saving on domains
  • Internal linking
  • Localized traffic
  • Quality content

In order to best utilize city pages in search optimization, they should be included in your website’s primary navigation; which improves their accessibility. This also includes making SEO city pages compatible with mobile devices. Not only does this add valuable content to your website but has local SEO benefits.

When done correctly, SEO location pages can be a powerful tool in search optimization. However, it’s important to remember that content quality trumps quantity. Stick with a few topics, stick with a few locations, and make sure that your SEO city pages are offering your readers value, rather than overloading them with irrelevant information.

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