Advantages Of On Hold Messages

On hold messages are the types of messages that usually play when you are waiting for a call to be picked or while the customer services representative is handling a client’s query. Sometimes these messages are usually jingles or tunes playing or company promotion messages. It is very important to ensure that the massage is catchy and appealing to the client to ensure that they stay on the line. Annoying jingles and musical tunes have been known to drive the client to hang up before the call is picked or their issue is addressed.



These on hold messages are usually recorded by voice professionals and written by expert script writers to ensure that the message is short, precise, effective and attractive enough to keep the customer on the line. With such effective on hold messages, the company can enjoy quite a number of benefits.

On hold recording usually creates a great first impression of the company and portrays a positive company image. The messages reassure the client that their interest is valued and the company aims to provide the best services to them. Without this reassurance, most clients will not have that unique bond between them and the company. Maintaining customer interest is more difficult than most people assume. A good product has to be accompanied with messages of encouragement to continue buying and using. On hold recording will enable the company to create a great impression that will keep the customer coming back.


While the client is on hold, the company can also cross promote the products and services that they have. In the expertly written script, the company can include some of the products that they have to offer that the client can benefit from. Rather than playing musical tunes, the company can take advantage of this time to introduce the client to some of the new products that they have to offer in the on hold recording.


If the company has any promotions, sales and discounts, they can also use on hold recording to inform their clients of them while they are on hold. These messages double up as advertisement strategies as well as ways to maintain client and customer interest. This is why there is a lot of emphasis on the quality of the messages recorded for the clients to listen to. With a good quality message, the company can greatly reduce on the number of abandoned calls and maintain customer interest for follow up services.

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