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Threatening Photo Infringement Email

Recently, some clients, as well as others around the world, have been receiving threatening notices similar to the one below.

Please keep in mind that all the websites we develop with our clients include photos, legally licensed, per client,

Pay per click management to ensure a profitable campaign
Pay per click, if done right, will make you money; if done wrong it will cost you money – simple as that. It does not matter whether you sell computers or tours, people look for what you sell online. If you

On hold phone messages should have the right words and the right voice
A lot of business gets done over the phone and a lot of leads or potential clients are lost due to poor on hold phone messages. If you don’t want to lose a lot of business, you

Options of voicemail greetings allowed for composing in a business
All we want is to reach our customers so that they can contact us after our office hours. Therefore, today most business solutions offer various voicemail greeting options and each can be customized according to our business needs. All of us want

Benefits of having a creative CMS website designs
In this fast-paced world, just having a website is not enough to communicate with our present and future community which comes in the form of potential customers, partners and enthusiasts. Having an up-to-date website which projects the current business image and informs

Let’s talk about… web design
Creativity. Those qualities that form the backbone of any designer’s career who can transform a website by simply using one click.
We are all part of a generation that is most of the time in front of a computer, that generation who has more than

Specific seo such as dental or construction seo attracts targeted traffic
The purpose of your website is to attract and convert traffic. A key method in traffic generation is known as seo (search engine optimization) which means your website and your pages should be optimized to attract targeted traffic. 

Creative and custom web design is required to build websites that engage and convert
Your website is an extension of your business and some cases it may even be your business. Needless to say you will want a website that is up to scratch and crafted with creative web design.