(Alexa Ranking) to be Shut Down in May 2022 After 25 Years

If you are a digital marketing expert, or your business uses for search engine optimization analytics and insights, then you may be sad to hear that come this May, will be closing up shop, meaning, it is time to say goodbye to your Alexa ranking.

American Creative Logo for Search Engine Optimization, SEO for Small Businesses, and SEO ManagementSince 1996, has been a go-to analytics tool for companies looking for the estimated popularity of their website. has been such an important metric that it’s often what bloggers and business owners care about second to Google rank. has also been key in converting digital audiences.

If you currently have a subscription to, then we have some good news for you–not all of your data will be lost. Before deleting your account, you will have the opportunity to go in and back up your data before May 2022. The APIs of will be closed down shortly after, in December 2022.

While Amazon has not given us a definitive reason for the shutdown, we can only suspect that the gradual decline in users has something to do with it. But until Amazon provides us with an official statement on the matter, we are only left with our assumptions.

If we hear any additional news, we will surely let you know!

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