Business voicemail greetings and on hold messaging services

Business voicemail greetings can gain or lose leads

Business voice mail greetings and on hold messages are an important part of your marketing and sales cycle. If you could answer every call personally that will be ideal but that is not always possible. For those times that you are unable to take a call you need a voicemail greeting that is effective and informative. The last thing you want is for a potential client to hang up and never to hear from him or her again.

Business voice mail greetings can make the difference between gaining leads or losing leads. The same can be said about on hold messages. The first thing you need your voicemail to do is to provide basic information that reassures the caller that he or she has reached the right number. Ask the caller to leave a message and reassure him or her that you will call back as soon as possible.

If you are away for an extended period your voicemail should also provide the caller with basic information on how to get hold of your colleague, partner, supervisor or assistant. Keeping a caller informed and letting them know what to expect is they to reducing the number of lost calls.

On hold messages often cost businesses much more than they realize. Imagine you are placed on hold, some irritating music starts playing, or worse, just silence and it seems to last forever. What does the caller do? In most cases the caller will hang up and he or she will be irritated and annoyed as well. Silent on hold messages are the worst. Callers hang up quickly. Music is a bit better but not much. Information is what keeps callers on the line for longer.

If you need help creating professional and effective business voicemail greeting and on hold messages then a marketing company such as American Creative can help.


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