Google My Business Updates in 2020 to Help Your Customers

The Coronavirus pandemic hit businesses hard not only in-person but in the virtual space. Since the month of April, Google has put forth a series of suggested updates to help businesses like yours, keep their online presence relevant and accurate.

Affordable SEO Packages, SEO Consulting Services, and SEO Company The best way to ensure that your business is displaying accurate information is by implementing suggestions within the Google My Business (GMB) dashboard. These update suggestions help your clients keep up with the roller coaster of re-openings and safeguard your business’s reputation.

So, what updates have Google recommended on GMB? Here are a few of the most relevant updates you need to pay attention to:

Temporarily Closed Status – If your business has experienced a temporary shutdown due to the pandemic, you need to update that information on the dashboard so bewildered customers don’t show up to your door during closed hours.

COVID-19 Post Types – These post types give businesses the power to post content that’s relevant to COVID-19 information, and keep clients updated on the measures your business is taking to keep your customers safe.

Secondary Hours – Secondary hours have become the new norm amongst businesses who’ve adapted their schedule for special service hours and/or certain groups. An example of secondary hours would be special service hours for seniors and individuals with health risks.

Visual Content – A picture says a thousand words, which is why smart businesses are visually showing their customers the safety precautions they are implementing via images, videos, graphics, pamphlets, etc.

At American Creative we help you keep up with Google My Businesses updates to keep your business current and relevant in these uncertain times. With a team of marketing professionals dedicated to helping your business grow, we provide you with expert advice and marketing services to ensure that your business complies with GMB updates and changes. Give us a call for more information about how to keep your business current, and your customers satisfied.

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