Who is your Competition Online?

Running a business isn’t for the faint of heart. From cultivating good team culture to navigating the ins and outs of partnerships, you need to be vigilant and aware when operating all aspects of your business.

Knowing your competition is key in running a successful business. With a substantial amount of business happening online, knowing your online competition is crucial for channeling organic traffic.

AdWords SEO, Best SEO Service, and Affordable SEO Packages But how do you discover who your online competition really is?

  • Start with What You Know

When conducting research, a good place to start is with your known competitors. These competitors can give you a good sense of keywords and provide you with a basis for comparing your online ranking. This analysis gives you insight into your known competitors, and what marketing tactics they may be using to rank.

  • Expand Your Research

Expanding your research to your SERP competitors (top search results) helps you understand which competitors rank highest and what marketing tools and strategies are used for their ranking. Using these mega-competitors as a base to structure content can go a long way in optimizing your business website.

  • Become the Competition

You can become a SERP competitor yourself by climbing the ranks and creating a bullet-proof marketing plan that helps your business grow and gives you an edge on the competition.

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