Hold messages and MOH are cheaper than you might realize

Another popular myth that requires dispelling is that music on hold and also custom messaging systems are extremely costly. The reality is custom on hold messages and MOH are cheaper than you might realize.


Music on hold (MOH) systems are answering machine systems which play music when callers are waiting to be catered. Such systems are beneficial in that they lead to lessen call drop rates and they let you promote your business/brand. There are a number of myths that folks have concerning on hold messages and music on hold and it is vital that you know whether or not they are real.


There is a myth that certain companies don’t put callers on hold and that every phones are answered by receptionists. The reality is that all businesses will place callers on hold. The alternative, getting multiple receptionists to take the calls, would result in high operating costs. Even the businesses which have many receptionists have to place callers on hold since they transfer the calls to the proper parties. Callers are generally put on hold between five and forty seconds. This implies all companies require music on hold systems or maybe systems with America on hold messages.


Another usual myth that requires dispelling is that music on hold as well as custom messaging systems are so pricey. The reality is custom on hold messages and MOH are cheaper than you might realize. You will simply need to devote a couple of dollars and you will not have to use another cent, ever. If you purchase professional on hold players, it is likely that you will get discounts once you purchase the messages altogether. Good players consist of multi-year warranty, which means you will be having a good deal.


There is a very common myth that a huge number of phones do not support America on hold messages as well as music on hold. The truth is that around 99% of all phones support MOH and on-hold messages. All phones which have PBX/Key phone systems which are properly installed are100% compatible, as are standard office phones like AT&T, RCA, Panasonic, Brother, Sony, and also Uniden phones.


Many people think that customers are annoyed by being ‘pitched to’ whilst they are still on hold. The truth is that reports by the likes of Better Business Marketing and CNN have verified that many people prefer music on hold and America on hold messages compared to silent on-hold and radio on hold.


There’s a myth that the fact that radio on-hold and also silent on-hold must work since people never complain about them. The truth is that radio-on hold is in fact prohibited (Better Business Bureau October 2002) whilst silent on-hold is totally amateur.

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