Messages on Hold, Message on Hold, Messages on Phone

A key to any good relationship is good communication. There are many ways by which a business manager and their old or potential customers can communicate. One of the simpler ways is by upgrading your business phone system’s call hold feature and adding voice messages instead of on-hold tones. We, at American Creative, help over 12000 businesses using affordable and unique marketing concepts with effective telephone messages on hold. Using this technique is an easy, innovative way to promote your business and improve your customer relations and hike up your sales. This is a kind of marketing that requires no specialized training, no supervision, and doesn’t ask for a commission; you can just update and customize the message as per your different business schemes and your callers will get a perfect memorandum every time. Studies have shown that 19% of callers have ended up buying the products they have heard of on their on-hold time. People trust us because we have highly-skilled writers who use their experience and business psychology to make the business offers informal to capture the attention of your potential customers. 

Messages on Hold, Message on Hold, Messages on Phone

Below we have mentioned 2 fundamental ways how our on-hold messages will help your business. Take a look. 

  1. To keep the caller from hanging up 

On an average 70 percent of the callers are kept on hold out of which most hang up within 60 seconds and hardly call back. You wouldn’t want your customers to disappear. Complete silence or a repetitive tone results in your caller to hang up. But you can retain them by playing on-hold music or a verbal message. This will keep them engaged until any personnel can tend to them. 

  1. Market your business 

The time your callers hold the call you have a captive audience. You have the opportunity to advertise your products and services to them. The recorded message will reveal important information and news about your business, announce promotions and events or special discounts. Be sure your message intrigues the caller and holds their attention. 

So if you want any engaging on-hold message for your business, you can give us a call on (888) 226-7608. 

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