What to Expect in Your On Hold Message

On hold messages should inform and promote

Nobody likes to be placed on hold, but sometimes it cannot be avoided. It also provides an opportunity to maximize the effect of on hold messages and information. One thing you don’t want is silence. That silence will feel like an eternity to the caller who will hang up after a few seconds. Music on hold is an option, but probably not the best one.  There’s a chance the person on the other end does not like the music genre, or does not know how long he or she will have to listen.  The end result is an upset customer that will probably hang up.

On hold messages are really about marketing and information.  If your on hold messages are in the form of boring melodies that could exasperate your callers, you are not doing your marketing any good. American Creative is a leading company in this field and can help take your on-hold marketing to a new level.

There are many things that can be done to improve your on hold messages and marketing. For example, you can have prerecorded messages that are suited to your industry, or you can have personalized messages that inform callers and help promote your business. Professionally recorded messages that inform will keep callers on the line much longer and substantially reduce your hang up rate. Messages that inform will also increase requests for products and services.

Somebody has called your business for a reason, and often that reason is to find out more about your products or services, or to order or buy something or to make a booking. Such callers are moments away from being a customer. They are attentive and, if you have to place them on hold, make sure you make the most out of your on hold messages.

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