On hold phone messages and business voicemail greetings

Some Interesting Elements of Great Business voicemail greetings

Most businesses today draw special attention to various tools and tricks that exist to help their employees make wise decisions about making up their business and also to assist them to work as a team to success. One of those various tools and tricks is a voicemail system. It is very significant for every business to have a voicemail system for recording business voicemail greetings. Even though it may seem small at first but later you will understand that it actually makes up your enterprise. I mean to say that taking some time out from your hectic business schedule to record a professional voicemail message for your enterprise phone is actually what makes your business stand out. It is quite natural that you would like to reach your customers who can contact you after your office hours; every lead is a potential sell. In fact, isn’t that what you actually do? Sell products and services to make some money? Hence, every enterprise must have the perfect voicemail greetings for tempting potential customers into leaving on hold messages. Prior to getting business voicemail greetings, we at American Creative Inc. have provided you with some interesting elements which you must consider while recording business voicemail messages with your name and the name of your company, so that people know who they are calling and who were they are reaching them…

  1. Keep it as simpler as you can- Avoid revealing too much information.
  2. Let the customer know whose voicemail they have reached- This include what business or department or the individual are they leaving a message for?
  3. Keep your voice message brief- Keep your voice recording not more than 25 seconds.
  4. Always remember the phrase “your first impression is your last impression”- Beginning with the “your call is very essential” to us is not the proper way to begin your business voice message since it is used too much and can be “turn off” to callers.
  5. Keep the background noise low- To make other callers feel vital and valued, you should limit the background noise or else you will lose out on an opportunity to project a professional image.
  6. Delete unimportant old messages- If your inbox is filled up to the brim, you may miss significant messages and thus, you should delete all unimportant older messages.

These 6 surefire ways helps in optimizing the value that you are getting from your voicemail service as well as delight callers into becoming satisfied customers.


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