On Hold Players, On Hold Messaging Systems, and On Hold Message and Music

American Creative can help improve your business image with professional and innovative on hold players. They write your message script and even do the recordings all within a day or two. On hold players affect how callers perceive your business. A caller is often a customer, or a potential customer and you need to make the most of the time that he or she is on hold. On hold players can do just that. American Creative has on hold solutions for all types of businesses, large, small and in-between. 

Your business voice mail greeting should be professional and polished. Your voice mail greeting and on hold messages should be designed to make a great first impression. You can use on hold messages to inform and persuade. You want to increase conversions and sales and on hold players can help you do that. The last thing you want is the silent treatment. Almost as bad is irritating music that seems to last for ever. Your caller’s time is valuable and you should respect that. Professional and polished on hold messages is great way to respect a caller’s time. 

On hold players from American Creative can be used with all types of phone systems including PBX and Key phone systems. They use cutting edge technology that keeps your on-hold messages up and running 24/7. Audio is transferred from high quality digital file to your on-hold player. An hold player is like an additional sales person telling customers what you want them to hear. And the beauty is your on-hold player does not need training, sick leave, time off or commissions. 

On hold messages help keep callers on the line with useful and pertinent information, thereby reducing call hang ups and improving conversions and sales. 

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