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Business on hold messages should reward the callers time and money

When someone calls your company chances are they are already interested in your products and services. When that person waits to be connected to whoever he or she needs to speak to, you have a small window of opportunity to put an on hold message to work. Business on hold messages offer an opportunity to engage the caller as opposed to irritating the caller. Would you not rather want to engage a caller as opposed to irritating a caller?

American Creative can help craft innovative and engaging business on hold messages as well as effective business voice mail greetings. Your phone is an important gateway into your business. It can be as important as your front door or your website. Yet the annoying and ineffective on hold messages and voice mail greetings that are still out there does not cease to amaze.

Is it not time you take a closer look at your business on hold messages and your business voice mail greetings? You might be surprised at how much business you are losing as a result of irritating or irritating voice mail greetings and annoying on hold contents.

Business on hold messages and content are ineffective if they do not get to the point quickly. A caller cannot self-edit your audio content. He or she cannot skip the irritating music or the never ending silence. All that the caller cn do and often will do is hang-up. Your voice mail greetings or on hold message has to address the callers ear. Tell the caller what he or she needs to hear. Keep the caller informed as to wants happening. When someone is placed on hold it costs the caller time and money. If you are not rewarding that time and money you are losing credibility and potential business.

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