Retargeting and Staying in Front of Your Website Visitors – The Importance of American Creative’s Retargeting Services

Are you a small business owner trying to stay ahead of the game? Do you notice traffic on your website, but not as many conversions as you would like? Are you interested in using Google ads to their full capacity? If so, then we can help you step up your game through our retargeting services.

Internet Marketing for Small Business and Pay Per Click Management Retargeting is a type of online advertising that is useful in internet marketing for small businesses. By using ads to target previous visitors to your website you can increase brand awareness, sales, and ROI.

Our retargeting services allow you to stay in front of your customers and the competition through browser cookies that customize tags, so you can keep track of your visitor’s needs. Once visitors have been tagged, it’s time to make your ads visible and draw them back with special deals, products, and offers.

Not sure where to get started? Here are some clever ways to retarget with Google ads:

  • Video Retargeting – Get in front of audiences that have previously interacted with your videos on platforms like YouTube, social media, etc.
  • Search Ads – Follow-up with your previous visitors after they have left your website to conduct follow-up searches on Google.
  • Standard Retargeting – Keep your business fresh in your visitor’s minds and increase brand awareness as past visitors browse the Display Network.
  • Dynamic Retargeting – Go the extra mile by offering specific products and services to people who’ve interacted with your app or website in the past.

At American Creative we are passionate about internet marketing for small business. With humble beginnings in 1997, we’ve grown to become one of the most respected online marketing companies in the nation. From retargeting services to content creation, social media marketing, PPC, and so much more, we’re the preferred service for internet marketing for small businesses. Give a call today toll-free at (888) 226-7608 to see how we can help your small business thrive!

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