The Importance of E.E.A.T. (Expertise, Experience, Trustworthiness, Authority) Content

Every single business with an online presence should be investing in search engine optimization (SEO). With such heavy competition online, SEO is the most sustainable way to improve your online presence and foster steady growth.

But SEO is impossible without content. Which is why all businesses need to be hyper focused on quality content creation that checks these boxes: expertise, experience, trustworthiness, authority (E.E.A.T.).

SEO Puzzle PieceKeep reading to find out exactly why your SEO optimized content should adhere to E.E.A.T.

  • Expertise – Content creation is essentially useless without expertise. Not only should content be rich in knowledge, but it should effectively communicate that knowledge in a way that engages readers.
  • Experience – Not only is expertise key to content creation, but content needs to demonstrate experience. Supplementing content with expert advice or examples is a clear way to display experience and establish trust with readers.
  • Trustworthiness – Without establishing trustworthiness your SEO rankings will tank. Before publishing a piece of content, you should check that facts are accurate, make sure that your sources are properly cited, and check to ensure your content is not hidden by spammy ads.
  • Authority – Good content is authoritative content. When you produce content that is accurate and authoritative it boosts your rankings and puts you on the fast track to becoming an industry leader in your field. The goal is to get your competitors to come to your page to fact-check their findings!

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