Web Design – Important Decisions to Make

Your website is the compilation of various decisions. From hosting, design, content, and more, your website should marry thoughtful design and solid analytics to make quick conversions and win over business.

But you may be wondering, in web design, what are the most important decisions to make?

Affordable Web Design, Best Responsive Web Design, Custom Web DevelopmentContact Page vs. Email Links

While email links may seem like a good idea, studies prove that email links are an outdated trend that can actually stunt your conversion data; making it impossible to track analytics, route messages, ask specific questions, and generate auto-responses with useful content. The solution–contact pages!

Multi-Topic Pages vs. Individual Pages

Combining all your information on one page can actually impact analytics negatively. How can you know which services or products are most popular if the information is condensed to one page? It’s better to create separate pages for each of your services offered to track your data and keep on top of analytics.

Thank You Message vs. Thank You Pages

Pop-up thank you messages are not ideal for tracking data. With analytics only tracking page visits, it can be impossible to record when your website visitors reach certain destinations or goal pages that move them down the lead funnel. It’s best to stick with thank you pages that can give your visitors opportunities to interact further, such as subscribing to your blog, showing them a new service, etc.

At American Creative we use our years of experience in web design to help you create a captivating website that you and your clients will appreciate. By working through issues of data and design, we combine thoughtful web design and analytics to put you in the best possible position to generate leads from your site.

At American Creative we understand web design and the important decisions to make, which is why you should choose us for your next web design project. Contact us today to learn more!

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