Why should you Keep your Business’s Answering Machine Recordings Fresh?

More and more companies are doing on hold marketing while callers are on hold. Using an on hold message is important over on hold radio, having a repeat message on or having nothing at all in that you will be able to enhance the image of the company, to motivate the callers to act such as to buy, to tell callers about available products and new product lines, to talk about your strengths and specialties, to promote your company’s website if you have one, to thank the callers for holding on and to assure them that someone will serve them soon, meaning you will hook them for a lot more minutes.


Just as important as using an answering machine recording is keeping your answering machine recordings fresh. Having an outdated message is just like driving to the wrong location and typing in a website address that is no longer in operation. If the information you give is outdated, there is a risk that the clients will not get what you are offering them. You should also update your phone numbers and your extensions as you change your hold message.


Updating your message ensures that you list the latest products, technologies, or services. An on hold message is an effective marketing tool that enables you to turn callers to potential clients/customers. Having updated on hold answering machine recordings enables you to include recent affiliations with organizations, award winnings, and accreditations. These are important because they give you credibility in your customer’s eyes and they give you an edge over your competition.


Regular callers memorizing your answering machine recordings are disadvantageous in that they will start becoming frustrated and bored. If you fail to change your on hold message, callers will think that you do not have much to offer. Keeping your hold message fresh enables you to mention new staff who may need mention as well as new endorsers for your products.


Keeping your on hold message fresh enables you to include the latest information about your company. This is important because it is not everyday that people will have researched on the company and what it has to offer before you call. Keeping the content fresh also ensures that you include the latest projects and milestones that you might have celebrated. Consumer needs are always changing (people get bored easily) and following the latest trends ensures that you are up to date with your younger callers.


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