Creation Of On Hold Messages for Companies

Creation Of On Hold Messages for Companies


On hold messages are usually recorded promotional and company introductory messages that are played to customers calling a company while waiting for a response from the customer care representative. These messages are usually very effective in addressing abandoned phone calls and maintaining customer interest in the products and services offered by the company. On hold messages have been very effective among the companies that have used these services. This is because most clients usually abandon calls if they are put on hold without any directive message or reassurance to stay on the line from the other end.


There is quite a process that goes into the creation of on hold messages. This is because on hold recording has to be done in a professional manner. Experts in consumer behavior know the kind of messages that will elicit consumer interest and action. And these talents are what are packed in a 30 second message which will keep the client coming back for more.


The first step to on hold recording will see the meeting of the production managers and the company administration. This will provide an opportunity for the company to express what they stand for, their products and services and any special information to be added to the message. The information given by the company administration will be the basis for the script in the on hold recording.


The next step will be the creation of the script by expert script writers. The script written for the on hold recording has to be very precise and have only useful messages. The script should also be simply worded. Keeping it simply and catchy is important since you don’t want to stress the client with a lot of technical jargon. The script will be reviewed by the contracting company in question before recording begins.


Finally, production will begin in the on hold process. The voice messages are usually recorded by voice experts who will read out the script in clear pronunciation and in catchy intonations. Individuals who are involved in this career usually undergo voice training to be able to create catchy messages; the company can also be allowed to choose from samples of voice talents. The company will then receive the recording after editing and addition of any accompanying music to the recording. The company will then plug in the message for clients on hold to listen to, which completes this process.

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