Choosing The Music in Answering Machine Messages

Choosing The Music in Answering Machine Messages


Most of the phone messages from companies usually incorporate a music clip that will either play in the background of the message being read out or after it. The phone message essentially has the information that the company would like to pass on to the client; the music just creates the ambience for the message to reach the client. Without the background music, the messages would be very blunt and plain. The messages are very important to address clients as a marketing strategy, as a way to assure clients that they will be served and as a way to motivate the client to act. Therefore the answering machine messages should be made as appealing to the client as possible.


The choice of music on hold should be done with a lot of considerations of mind. This is to ensure that the music interact well enough with the message being relayed and is also enjoyable to the client. The music on hold can also strongly influence whether the client will hold on to the call or abandon it all together.


First of all it is important to avoid music with extreme notes, such as extremely high pitches. This is because these notes can be irritating to the client’s ears and this will make them hang up without a doubt. The pitch of the various instruments should be very moderate. If the music is played along with the answering machine messages in the back ground, deep bass notes should be avoided as they can muffle what the voice is reading out to the client.


The music on hold should also correspond to the type of product being introduced to the client, for instance if the company produces soothing bath soaps, then the music should be equally as soothing in order to attract the client to the product. Companies that deal with children’s toys should have lively and catchy music playing along with the recorded answering machine messages.


The music should be memorable, unique and quite enjoyable to a wide range of listeners. There is a wide selection of music clips that a company can choose from that have these effects. These music clips are usually created by jingle experts specifically for advertising and ambience music in the phone messages. Music is generally referred to as food for the soul; with good music, the company can get the clients to literally buy anything!

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