Facebook Outage Reinforces Its Importance to Small Businesses

We all remember the infamous day when Facebook went down and internet marketing for small businesses took a big hit. It was a day like any other, except the Facebook blackout of October 4, 2021 made us all realize how much small businesses really rely on Facebook marketing to keep their businesses afloat.

Even though the six-hour outage led to substantial losses for small businesses that rely on Facebook-driven sales, it’s led businesses to realize the impact that Facebook has on the modern market. If there’s one positive thing we can take away from the Facebook outage, it’s that Facebook marketing works!

Facebook Logo for Internet Marketing for Small Business As the common ground for the majority of small businesses in the USA and Canada, Facebook has replaced outdated advertising methods (email, flyers, etc.) and has become an integral aspect of internet marketing strategies for small businesses. From Facebook Stores, Facebook Ads, Facebook Live, small business pages, etc. Facebook enables small business owners to reach a diverse audience and grow their client base.

Facebook is such an important aspect of online advertising that it accounts for 25% of the USA’s digital ad market–that’s more than double of Amazon’s 11%!

While your wounds from October’s Facebook blackout may still be healing, and you may be harboring some negative feelings (we are too), we are led to realize that Facebook is an important part of our lives; and small business owners need Facebook to support their livelihood and their businesses.

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