The Importance of City Pages

Has business slowed down in the last few months? Do you strive to make it to the top of Google search with no avail? Is your competition getting more foot traffic, even though you have the better products and services?

It’s time to step up your game with SEO city pages.

Organic SEO Services, Onpage SEO, SEO Marketing Services, SEO RankingAs a crucial component of organic SEO services, city pages enable you to target specific geographical areas to improve your ranking and reach a relevant audience. By combining keywords with your specific city (or cities) you can establish domain authority and target specific areas to promote your products.

Looking for a way to slice the competition with city pages that stand out? Here are some pro tips for creating impressionable and functional city pages:

  • Think About Users – Search engines aren’t the only thing that matters. Optimize your city pages with users in mind by using relevant keywords and valuable, original content.
  • Split Pages by Individual City – While there are ways to combine multiple cities, it’s always a good idea to dedicate one page per major city you serve.
  • Linking Matters – Both internal and external linking is crucial to drive traffic to your city pages.
  • Make Your City Pages Accessible – Improve the accessibility of your city pages by incorporating them into the main navigation of your website.

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