Google, Microsoft, and Apple Agree to Shorten SSL Life-Span to 1 Year

The Secure Sockets Layer certificate, also known as the SSL certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates the identity of your website and encrypts sensitive data. In short, if you want to validate your domain and keep your website secure, then you need an SSL certificate.

SSL Certificates, Corporate Web Design, and Custom Website DevelopmentSSL certificates hold valuable information such as:

  • Holder name
  • Copy of your public key
  • Serial number & expiration
  • Digital signature of issuing authority

In recent months Google, Apple, and Microsoft have changed the SSL certifications life spans to only 398 days. While this change may seem inconvenient, having a shorter SSL certificate life-span is actually a good thing. Here’s why:

  • Some browsers exclude online certificate status checks altogether
  • EV certificates can be seen as harmful and a waste of money
  • Certificate transparency logs can disqualify logs before they expire
  • The revocation system for stolen information is flawed
  • Shorter SSL certificates mean more frequent key rotations

Shorter life-spans of SSL certificates are a step in the right direction when it comes to encrypting the entire web as a whole. With shorter certification times, you can keep your information more secure and not have to wait for years before dealing with problems such as stolen information, disqualified logs, etc.

If you want to give your online business the best start possible then shorter certifications are the way to do so. Or maybe you’re tired of using outdated https and you want to update your process with something faster and newer. For whatever your reason, the new 1-year span of SSL certificates is a step in the right direction to keeping the web safer and more efficient.

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