Pay per click management and pay per click services

Pay per click management to ensure a profitable campaign

Pay per click, if done right, will make you money; if done wrong it will cost you money – simple as that. It does not matter whether you sell computers or tours, people look for what you sell online. If you want more people to find your website, your products or services, the PPC (pay per click) can help do just that. But PPC is not free. That is why the word pay is in there – you pay for every click, whether that click converts or not. That is why you need professional pay per click management. American Creative offers professional pay per click services and they can help you make money. If try and go it alone with PPC, you will most likely lose money.

Let’s say you sell tours and every tour makes you a $1000 profit. If each click that drives traffic to your tour page costs $20 you can see that 50 clicks will cost, you $1000. If you only sell one tour per 100 clicks you losing money. But if you sell 2 tours from 50 clicks you in the money. But what if you can sell 3 or even 4 tours from those same 50 clicks? That is what the pay per click management people call conversions. The higher your conversions, the more money you will make.

Pay per click management is about finding the right keywords, writing compelling ad text and crafting high converting landing pages. PPC management is also about bid strategies, ad groups, monitoring, tweaking, testing and adapting. Pay per click services covers all the important aspects of your campaign – from keyword research to landing pages, from A/B testing to advanced analysis. If you get any of them wrong, your campaign will be dead in the water before it even has a chance to fly.

Professional pay per click management will ensure your campaign attracts the right clicks and converts a fair percentage of those clicks, thereby making you money and making you happy.


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