Phone Greeting Messages That You Will Love

Create A Brand’s Voice & Get Closer To Your Clients With Personalized Phone Greeting Messages


Have you ever thought about a way to make your business a bit more… human? There are a lot of instances where clients and potential customers call your offices and they are asked to wait by the phone until their connection is established. Now, this is not only time-consuming for the one waiting, it is also annoying and frustrating.

What if you could turn this around and make the waiting time work to your advantage? This is what phone message greetings can do for your business: eliminate stress and frustration during phone calls.

What is more, a phone greeting message has a double advantage:

  1. It keeps the client focused on the message that is being transmitted and therefore the waiting time is no perceived as being very long. Thus, when the waiting time is over and you can finally talk to your client, they will be calm and willing to talk in a civilized way. This is not always the case with a customer who is left waiting “on silent” for one-two minutes.
  2. And secondly, phone message greetings are a great way of informing your clients or potential clients about your latest offers. You can also inform them about how their phone call is going to happen (a lot of companies record these phone calls, for example), or you can let them know about your availability hours if they happen to call outside your working schedule.

And finally, probably THE best thing about a phone greeting message is that it can educate your audience. By recording these phone messages you are given the opportunity of leveraging off several seconds, up to a couple of minutes of time that is, otherwise, wasted. And not only that, but you can also give a “voice” to your brand, your company, making these phone message greetings a core part of your marketing strategy.

To find out more about how a phone greeting message works and how you can use it in your marketing, contact a representative of American Creative today.

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