Responsive website design for any business website

Responsive web design improves visitor experience and conversion

The proliferation of devices used to access the web necessitated a new approach to web design and development. This approach is called responsive web design and the objective is to for a website to respond in user friendly manner to the device, screen size and resolution in question. Responsive web design allows for a better user experience and therefore a better conversion rate for the website in question.

It is impossible and impractical to create a different version of your website for group of devices, screen sizes and resolutions. The solution lies in the concept and implementation of responsive web design.

American Creative knows how to design and build responsive websites that will improve your visitors experience and improve your retention and conversions rates. Unresponsive websites will have a high bounce rate and as a result will drop off in search engine rankings with associated loss in business. More and more people now access the Internet using smart devices such as mobile phones and tablets. If your website does not respond properly to these devices you may as well not have a website.

Apart from a responsive web site you also need a website that stands out from the crowd. For this you need a custom designed website that will make your website more attractive and memorable. You can have a custom website built from scratch or you can purchase a template and a web design company can customize it for you. At the end of the day you want a website that is truly yours. This means a website that provides the functionality that is appropriate to the line of business you are in. It also means developing a website where your visitors can interact with you and your website by way of enquiry forms, booking forms, videos, multi-media, searches, e-commerce options, payment options and more. You can achieve all this through custom web design by American Creative.



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