Responsive Website Design and Responsive Web Design and Responsive Website

In todays highly competitive online world it is essential to have responsive website design. There is a plethora of devises in use and if your website does not function properly on specific devices, you will be losing traffic and potential business. You probably invest a lot of money to drive traffic to your website. But that becomes a waste if users don’t have a good experience when they land on your website. It is not practical or cost effective to build a separate website for each type of device or each screen resolution. That is where responsive website comes in.  

Responsive Website Design and Responsive Web Design and Responsive Website

Responsive website design will ensure your website displays correctly on all devices. So whether a visitor uses a notebook, a desktop, a tablet or a smartphone, your website will display and function correctly. American Creative can help you with responsive website design. Responsive website design means your site will detect the type of device in use and adjust accordingly. 


Before responsive website design some companies had a website for desktops and a separate mobile version. This soon became impractical and difficult to maintain. If one continues with this approach you will need a website for a BlackBerry, another for the iPhone, the iPad, netbook, Kindle and the list goes on. That is impossible. 


Responsive website design offers a practical and workable solution. This approach allows your website to adapt and respond to the user’s device. This approach takes into account important factors such as type of device, platform, screen size and resolution. Responsive web design relies on intelligent and innovative use of web elements such as media queries, grids and layouts. This advanced technology enables a website to respond and adjust to the users behaviour and preferences.  


American Creative can provide you with responsive website design so you wont lose visitors and money. 

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