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An answering machine works hand in hand with the telephone, to do what you cannot do if you are not around to answer your phone. The answering machine is designed in such a way that if no one picks the call after four rings, the answering machine message is played

America on hold has been known to produce some of the best phone advertising messages. These phone  messages on hold are a very effective way for companies to put the public in the know of all their products and services. They also provide a great way of introducing new products

Hold messages are one of the very effective marketing systems that companies can use to address their clients. Through these messages companies can introduce customers to products, services and promotions. The process is quite affordable and greatly complements other advertisement methods. Expounding on this, most companies usually spend a lot

Hold messages are professionally scripted and recorded messages that companies and organizations can play for clients on their phone lines while waiting for service. Hold messages are usually very effective in maintaining callers on the line and also passing on information to the client. America on hold is

The greatest advantage of telephone on hold music is that it lowers the call abandonment rate. This is important because, according to a recent CNN survey, about 35% of callers who drop their calls do not call back. A message on hold prevents boredom and the voice-overs such as ‘your

Sources of Music for Hold

Music on hold or MOH is the playing of recorded music while clients or customers who you cannot serve at the moment are on hold. A music on hold system is integrated into the telephone system via an audio jack and you should therefore, ensure that the telephone equipment that

Music on hold, popularly abbreviated as MOH, is a business practice whereby music is played on a music on hold player while the caller waits to be served. Common sources of telephone on hold music are the stock MOH CDs (with or without periodic voice-overs such as ‘please stay on

Music on hold (MOH) is a business advertising method that enables callers who you cannot serve to listen to music as they wait to be served. This is an effective advertising tool because callers will stay on the call a lot longer than if there was silence while waiting. You