About Answering Machine Messages

An answering machine works hand in hand with the telephone, to do what you cannot do if you are not around to answer your phone. The answering machine is designed in such a way that if no one picks the call after four rings, the answering machine message is played to the caller. The caller can opt to leave a message or end the call or put on hold and informed of your products or services. If a message is left, the memory in the machine resets itself and starts recording the message of the caller end of call. Other telephones have call waiting features which allow caller to listen to music on hold,  while you finish on other call.



Answering machine messages range from casual recordings to funny and sometimes minimally offensive. The messages are some times recorded by the phone user and some can be downloaded from different sites and then recorded by the owner into the machine. The on hold music can be programmed to take calls after a certain number of rings and ask the caller to leave phone messages. With the proper settings you can be able to call your home phone if you are not around and listen to the messages left by the callers.


In today’s technology world answering machine messages have been put to use even in large corporations to help tend to their clients when they are unable to. In a mobile service provider, customer care is crucial and the large networks of clients call for various enquiries. The answering machine is programmed with a greeting message and then a few options are provided till the customer care agent is in a position to receive more clients. Usually, the customer can also listen to music on hold while waiting to be served which can be programmed to suggest your other services to your prospective clients.


Answering machine messages allow you to explain why you are unable to pick the call and give the caller an assurance of when you will call back. The caller can state their need and also classify if it is urgent so that you can call as soon as you get the message. The phone messages can be deleted after listening to them.


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