Why is Duplicate Content Bad for Search Rankings (SEO)?

Duplicate content poses a serious threat when it comes to SEO rankings. Whether content is plagiarized or mistakenly duplicated, duplicated content is filtered by major search engines, leaving one page with the short end of the stick regardless of which page contains the original content.

In some cases, similar content is unavoidable, however, duplicate content can lose you leads and give your opponent a competitive edge. The bottom line is, duplicate content is bad for business. To combat duplicate content, one must understand the different types of duplicate content that pose a threat to websites. 

  • Internal Duplicate Content
Why is Duplicate Content Bad for Search Engine Optimization?

Internal duplicate content refers to duplicated content made through internal URLs on a single website. To avoid internal duplicate content and make your page rank higher you should abstain from duplicating page titles, descriptions, and headings, making each section unique and compelling. E-commerce sites are also subject to URL parameters and duplicate product descriptions that drive traffic away from sites. Hiring a marketing agency for internal content creation can help businesses avoid internal duplicate content issues and improve overall SEO rankings.

  • External Duplicate Content

External duplicate content refers to duplicate content that occurs when two or more domains have the exact same page content indexed in search engines. Also known as cross-domain duplicated content, external duplicate copy may include scrape content and syndicated content taken directly from your site. Whether you’ve agreed to your content being scraped or not, external duplicated content is a big no-no for businesses looking to improve their SEO rankings.

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