Month: December 2015

Make the most of your business voicemail greeting 
Business voicemail greetings are part of your telephony and communications funnel and any communication with potential or existing customers should be taken seriously. There are some basics when it comes to business voicemail greetings and on hold messages. American Creative are marketing

Responsive web design improves visitor experience and conversion
The proliferation of devices used to access the web necessitated a new approach to web design and development. This approach is called responsive web design and the objective is to for a website to respond in user friendly manner to the device,

Use business voicemail greetings and on hold messages to your advantage
Most people don’t like ending up at voice mail or being placed on hold. However sometimes it is inevitable. It does however present you as business the opportunity to improve the customers experience when they are faced with your

Responsive and custom web design will keep your website alive
Responsive web design will ensure your website will work properly across the various devices people use to search for products and services online.
Your website is an extension of your business and in some cases it could be your business.