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On Hold Players: How to Make the Most of Your Customers Using On Hold Messaging

Music On Hold Telephone: How do you make sure your customers are up to date with your latest business deals? Have you ever considered using music on hold for telephone?

If not, you are missing out big time. An informed customer is always a valuable win for every company. And you can use the time they spend on hold to your advantage.

Here are some ideas on how you can get the most out of your customers using on hold messaging:

1.       Tell them more about your business – does your company have any prizes or rewards? Does it take part in charity donations? Let your customers know about your achievements; it’s the one sure way to prove them you’re worthy of their attention.

2.       Let them know about your offers – unless they are calling the reclamations department, you should let your customers know about your offers while they are on hold (i.e. On Hold Players). After all, you are talking to someone who is directly interested in your business.

3.       Give explanations about your services – do you have an FAQ section on your website? Perhaps this is a good moment to guide people to that page.

4.       Tell them about your working hours – some clients might want to contact you during your closed hours. If so, tell them that you appreciate their interest in contacting you and then inform them about your working schedule.

Offer them alternative ways to contact you – calling is not the only way people can contact you (or at least it shouldn’t be). And some people do not have the physical time to wait on hold. So when they call make sure you offer them other ways to contact you: email, fax, or even live chat on your website.

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