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Creative Web Design Trends In 2015


Do you have a business and you think it may be time to create or re-create your website?  If you’re not sure about what web design style to choose for your new website, keep an eye on the web design elements that are trending this year.

Here are four of the top creative web design trends that are going to rock your 2015 in the online world:

1.     Backgrounds

Backgrounds have been ignored until recently, but not anymore. They are starting to look great and more and more designers appreciate the value of a great background. Background images can be simple textures, photos, videos or repeating patterns. The one important thing to keep in mind is that a background should do what a background does: highlight the true value of the website. They are not the main characters of a website.

Responsive Web Design2.     Responsive designs

If you are going to work with a team of web design experts, put them to the test and ask for a creative web design for your website. Do they create a responsive design? If so, you may have found the right team to work with you. But, if what they deliver is just a regular design (as creative as it may be) for desktops, then move on, and move on fast.

3.     Ghost buttons

The creative web design trends for 2015 imply the use of ghost buttons… those simple, hollow buttons usually consisting of a thin border, transparent background and usually simple, clear text in the center.  It may be a bit tricky to come up with a ghost button that complements a website. Therefore, don’t use them unless they really add up to the creative web design. Otherwise, the button may not look like a button at all, or it may damage  the overall look and feel of the custom web design.

4.     Typography rules the game

Typography is becoming a BIG thing for creative web design because it is a very simple (and yet incredibly effective) way of bringing text back into the equation. We know, a picture speaks a thousand words, but we still cannot communicate without words. So typography makes the connection between text and visual elements of a creative web design project.

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