Author: Elyse Quill

Business on hold messages should reward the callers time and money
When someone calls your company chances are they are already interested in your products and services. When that person waits to be connected to whoever he or she needs to speak to, you have a small window of opportunity

Where to get beautiful and responsive web design
Maybe you have just bought a domain and want to launch a new website. That is an exciting prospect but you need to get it right. You want a beautiful website but how do you go about getting that? Well you need

The top benefits of choosing a custom web design
Creating a custom web design is indeed a smart investment which will help your business to grow in leaps and bounds. We at American Creative are a leading custom web design company that has created a niche over the years for

Facts about affordable small business SEO and website design
If you are looking for a company that can handle the SEO and website design needs of your small business, then you have come to the right place. We at American Creative offer affordable small business SEO and affordable small business

You need to maximize the return from your business voicemail greetings
Business voicemail greetings and are often thought of as irritating necessities that are a bit preferably to phones that just ring and ring. If a phone call goes unanswered the caller might wonder about a number of things –

Custom and responsive web design improves website ranking and conversions
Just about everyone uses the internet to look for products and services and to buy things. People also access the web using different devices such as desktops, notebooks, smart phones and tablets. In order to provide a positive user experience

Some Interesting Elements of Great Business voicemail greetings
Most businesses today draw special attention to various tools and tricks that exist to help their employees make wise decisions about making up their business and also to assist them to work as a team to success. One of those various tools

Why American Creative INC. recommends you to use responsive web design?
Mobile optimization is becoming trendier in modern days. As at a continually increasing rate, younger generation people are getting addicted to using smart phones and tablets today for every task which previously could only be done on desktop computers,

Make the most of your business voicemail greeting 
Business voicemail greetings are part of your telephony and communications funnel and any communication with potential or existing customers should be taken seriously. There are some basics when it comes to business voicemail greetings and on hold messages. American Creative are marketing

Responsive web design improves visitor experience and conversion
The proliferation of devices used to access the web necessitated a new approach to web design and development. This approach is called responsive web design and the objective is to for a website to respond in user friendly manner to the device,