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Sources of Music for Hold

Music on hold or MOH is the playing of recorded music while clients or customers who you cannot serve at the moment are on hold. A music on hold system is integrated into the telephone system via an audio jack and you should therefore, ensure that the telephone equipment that

Music on hold, popularly abbreviated as MOH, is a business practice whereby music is played on a music on hold player while the caller waits to be served. Common sources of telephone on hold music are the stock MOH CDs (with or without periodic voice-overs such as ‘please stay on

Music on hold (MOH) is a business advertising method that enables callers who you cannot serve to listen to music as they wait to be served. This is an effective advertising tool because callers will stay on the call a lot longer than if there was silence while waiting. You

Music on hold or MOH is an effective business advertising method. MOH involves the use of a music on hold player that plays music for callers who are on hold waiting to be served. This is important because it reduces call abandonment rates, you could incorporate a voice-over message promoting

Having an on hold message, which is basically the message your callers hear while waiting to be served, is important because between 16% and 20% of callers make purchases based on the offers they get while on hold (according to Maxi Marketing), because the message brings down the call abandonment

An Overview of On Hold Music

On hold music or music on hold (MOH) is the music used in on hold marketing. Phone advertising, as the term suggests, is advertising done while callers are on hold. MOH systems are integrated into telephone systems that are designed for businesses via audio jacks on the telephone equipment that

Most companies used to have repeat messages or nothing at all while callers were on hold, but the trend is now towards radio and advertising on hold through messages and customized music. Radio on-hold is advantageous in that the company does not have to spend money on professional voice talents,

There is a trend towards On hold marketing messages for  callers waiting on hold and away from on hold radio or dead silence while holding. Advertising on hold is gaining popularity because most callers will drop the call when they are put on hold if there is no engaging information being communicated.

 On hold music, as the term suggests, is the music that is played while callers are on hold. The music could be mainstream music or music produced for the company for phone advertising. This music is important because between 16% and 20% of callers make a purchase depending on the